Sunday, 17 February 2013

The World is our Oyster!

There are new beginnings and fresh chapters looming on so many fronts for us!

Work. There have been huge changes in our work over the past 3 weeks. My husband now works in a bike shop, and I have a wonderful new job tutoring primary and high school students in English. Of all the jobs I have ever had, teaching is definitely the best 'fit' for me, and as cliched as it sounds, I really feel that it's my 'calling'. I still photograph, but it's turning more and more into a 'paying hobby' and isn't so much a 'career' anymore. It's wonderful for me that after 7 years studying my teaching degree I have only a year left until I will be fully qualified. At times the study has seemed never ending, and with 7 subjects still to complete I'm by no means finished yet, but the end is in sight. I'm energised and excited by thoughts of my new career.

Home. We are planning a move back to my childhood home! Nothing is set in stone as yet but it's looking pretty good. My Dad still lives on the 10-acre property on which I grew up, and we are contemplating moving back there. We can rent out our unit and can live at Dad's rent-free. That will leave us lots of extra money for improving the property: building vegie gardens and an orchard, keeping chickens and bees, dogs and cats and cattle. While all of these used to be well established, Dad has spent at least 6 months away every year for about 20 years, so some work is needed to reinstate the food-growing side of things. 

I'm thrilled beyond measure by this possibility. Not jumping-up-and-down excited, like I would be for something like an overseas holiday, but deeply, quietly joyous in my heart. So many happy memories are wrapped up in that home for me and the surrounding area is still just as I remember it from my childhood. I am delighted at the thought of raising my children in a rural environment. This morning we woke up there are I was able to send the kids outside to play, unsupervised, and I could never do that where we live at the moment. I really hope that this plan comes to fruition.

Tomorrow the Garden Diet 28-day raw program begins again. I didn't go through with the 21-day cleanse that has just finished - the work upheavals and associated pressures took all my energy and motivation way from my diet. In fact, I almost relished eating badly, hurting my health and energy levels with food - weird and sad and not something I really want to analyse right now. But all the changes that are happening at the moment make it seem like the right time to change my diet again too, for the better. A positive energy is flowing through my life and I realise it's always there, I've just started to become more aware of it and tap into it. This energy will help my 28-day program efforts, and will be strengthened by them as well, I'm sure of it.

Tomorrow: Breakfast will be a vegetable juice. Lunch will be Tabbouli and dinner will be gazpacho. Note to self: go shopping early!

Soon I could be growing some, most, or even all of my fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. It will truly be *my* garden diet then! What a possibility!

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